To live a piece of holiday in a pleasant environment, such as cottage and cottage, is perhaps the dream of each of you. Some of you have had the opportunity to indulge in such luxury, even if you are not the owner of a cottage or cottage. You have only viewed our server, which arranges accommodation in chalets and cottages all over the Czech Republic, selected the object, ordered and hurrah to pack and go.
But Ouva. You are arriving in a beautiful cottage or cottage surrounded by a great nature. A feast for your eyes until your breath! But after a while you start to have a stuffy nose, your eyes are still in the beauty of it, but you get tears from them and they burn you terribly, slowly picking up cough and shortness of breath, and it looks like you'll stop breathing soon. The cause of these problems? Allergies. How could this happen? You haven't consulted us! The cottage and the cottage was not the right one for you!
We can find the right cottage or cottage for your recreation!
Let us advise you which cottage and cottage for you will be the right nut.