As you plan a total reconstruction in the apartment and purchase especially new kitchen cabinets, it will be necessary not only new wiring, but also the construction of exhaust for the kitchen extractor. And that this appliance does not seem to be too useful? The opposite is true! The modern kitchen is a must! How else would you prevent the appearance of unpleasant odours and a large amount of moisture, which is then settled on furniture and walls? The chimney hood is an appliance without which no modern kitchen can be left! And you will not only enjoy their practical benefits, it is also an excellent design element! What model have you chosen?
Beware of Mold
That they can't be seen in new buildings? But they can. For the blame are still better sealing windows and the air circulation in the room is then minimal. One dry laundry or cooking is enough and the room is full of moisture. And this is the first step to make a variety of mold in your home. And their subsequent liquidation is very demanding. Always turn on the cooker hood when cooking! You're just protecting your home.