Macha County is one of the most visited in our country. It's a real paradise. Do you like mushroom picking? The woods around directly encourage this for many very popular hobby. Spend hours and hours in a deep forest, breathe in the fresh air and do a lot for your health and enjoy the beautiful nature. Mácha's lake huts allow you to.

If you are a mushroom-picking man, be sure to order Mácha's lake huts from us, at an unbeatable price, and in addition to bathing and excursions, take the time to find mushrooms. They grow here in the end of summer, really abundant, and when there is no mushroom season, walks through the forest paths are very soothing.
Not only for mushroom lovers

It's Mách's lake huts. Come and see for yourself how beautifully it is… You do not have to ride anywhere far, you will see that our region is truly unique and beautiful. You will feel better here than at home, we can guarantee it.